Some Grab drivers not pleased over hiding passengers' destination


Posted at Apr 28 2018 05:11 AM

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MANILA - Some drivers of ride-hailing service Grab were not pleased of its new feature that masks the destination of passengers, which began rolling out on Friday.

"Preliminary feedback is merong mga drivers na hindi masaya. Kasi nakasanayan na nila na nakikita 'yung destination," Grab Philippines country head Brian Cu said in a Bandila DZMM interview.

The destination-masking feature, designed to resolve issues of cancellations after a flurry of complaints from the riding public, affects 25 percent of Grab's driver fleet.

"With any change, takes a bit of time. We need to continue educating our partners that they need to be able to think about the system benefits as a whole," Cu said.

"At hindi lang po 'yung sarili nilang experience. Because whatever they do in the platform, they bring the name of Grab and with fellow drivers with them."

The affected drivers are those with low acceptance rates, Cu said. 

They produced some 70 percent or at least 50,000 ignored bookings. Grab responds to 600,000 booking requests daily.

With the new feature, Cu expects erring drivers to shape up.

"We want to retrain them, to behave like the 75 percent na maayos naman po ang kanilang pagserbisyo," he said.

The destination-masking feature is effective only during the day. It will be suspended from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. because of safety concerns.

"We're giving them (drivers) the ability to choose, so to speak, during these times where their safety is of utmost concern," he said.

All Grab drivers can previously see a passenger's destination with the corresponding price. They are given 20 seconds to decide whether to accept or reject the booking.