Social media top info source of millennials - survey


Posted at Apr 21 2019 10:16 AM

MANILA -- Social media emerged as the top source of news and information for "millennials" or those aged between 23 and 38 in a survey by a political consulting firm. 

Out of 1,200 millennials polled by PUBLiCUS Asia Inc. from March 7 to 16, 51.7 percent "constantly check" Facebook throughout the day, while 9.8 percent do so for Twitter, and 14.33 percent for other social media sites. 

In contrast, 25.7 percent constantly check national TV networks and their websites or apps, and 15.1 percent do so for newspapers and their online platforms, said PUBLiCUS. 

Majority of respondents at 62.1 percent also said they get their information on sports from online news sites, and 73.17 percent obtain it from social media. 

When it comes to traditional media, around 60.8 percent get sports updates from the television, 14.8 percent from radio and 7.1 percent from print. 

"Online sources appear to have eclipsed offline sources when it comes to sports news," said PUBLiCUS. 
The most common activities are reading headlines (69.9 percent) and perusing online news articles. (73.9 percent), said the pollster. 

Less than half read news blogs, it added. 


About 39.5 percent of respondents regularly participate in online conversations either as a "follower" or "contributor." 

However, only 19.1 percent regularly join events by interest groups. 

"This suggests that online participation may not necessarily translate to offline participation," said PUBLiCUS. 

The survey was conducted using a "structured questionnaire," and the 1,200 respondents were chosen by Singapore-based firm Lightspeed Research, said PUBLiCUS Asia. 

The respondents were registered voters who were active online, i.e. they had at least one social media account which they followed at least twice a week. 

PUBLiCUS Asia said the survey's online methodology did not guarantee random sampling.