Quezon City shrine lit in red to help bleeders


Posted at Apr 18 2018 11:44 AM

The Quezon City Memorial Circle glows in red on Tuesday as advocates of those suffering from bleeding disorders marked World Hemophilia Day. handout photo

MANILA - The Quezon City Shrine and the Baliwag municipal complex were bathed in red light on Tuesday to raise awareness on bleeding disorders on World Hemophilia Day.

Some 10,000 Filipinos are suffering from hemophilia, based on data from the World Federation of Hemophilia, and only 1,500 of which are registered, said Andrea Trinidad-Echavez, president of Hemophilia Advocates-Philippines or HAP.

“The more we share about hemophilia and related bleeding disorders, the more people become aware of their symptoms. We hope that with increased awareness, those who are suffering in silence or may be misdiagnosed, will finally get help,” Echavez said.

Another 1 million people are suffering from Von Willebrand Disease, a hereditary disorder wherein patients lack blood-clotting proteins.

Symptoms of bleeding disorders include frequent nosebleeds and gumbleeds; unexplained and excessive bleeding from cuts or injuries, or after surgery or dental work; large or deep bruises; or unusual bleeding after vaccinations, according to the HAP.

Women with bleeding disorders may experience prolonged and heavy menstruation, the group said.