65 recovered COVID patients screened as possible blood donors


Posted at Apr 13 2020 10:22 AM

MANILA - At least 65 patients who recovered from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) have been screened if they are fit to donate blood for those still recuperating from the illness, the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) said Monday.

While a vaccine for COVID-19 has yet to be developed, the PGH has been using convalescent plasma therapy - or transferring blood of recovered patients to those who are still battling the coronavirus - to help treat patients.

So far, only 21 patients who recovered from COVID-19 are eligible blood donors, PGH spokesperson Dr. Jonas Del Rosario said.

Four blood donors earlier gave their plasma to 2 COVID patients, Del Rosario said, without disclosing if the treatment helped the sick recover from the disease.

The hospital is eyeing 18 other potential qualified donors for the procedure.

As of April 12, at least 4,648 patients in the Philippines have contracted COVID-19, with 297 deaths and 197 recoveries.

- report from Johnson Manabat, ABS-CBN News