Abu Sayyaf running out of money- military chief


Posted at Apr 12 2017 05:40 PM

The terrorist Abu Sayyaf group is going low on funds as relatives of their kidnap victims have refused to give in to their ransom demands, Armed Forces chief of staff Eduardo Año said Wednesday.

"They are in dire need of money. That is why they will always plan and attempt to kidnap," Año said in a press conference.

Intelligence reports showed that the 11 Abu Sayyaf members who ventured to Inabanga, Bohol Tuesday were supposed to carry out a "plan for kidnapping," Año said.

"If you look at the past kidnappings, they happened during Easter Sunday or during the Holy Week... You cannot stop these people from planning or continue attempting. Iba ang pag iisip nila."

But the military chief assured the public that government forces are on a mission to "destroy" the bandits "in their bases before they can hatch their plans."

"Kahit na mag-attempt sila ng attempt, we will continue to deny," he said.

Año said 11 notorious members of the Abu Sayyaf, including 2 sub-leaders, surrendered to the the government in Sangga-sangga, Tawi-Tawi Tuesday, while another Abu Sayyaf wing from Basilan yielded last week.

"Hopefully, other Abu Sayyaf members will have a clearer mind and surrender to authorities," Año said.

"We expect to see more in the coming days... We are working very silently but very effectively," he added.