The ANC Brief: Checking his privilege


Posted at Apr 07 2020 05:05 AM

The complaint against Sen. Koko Pimentel looks to be litmus case on government’s capability to implement the law amid a pandemic. Here are the stories making the headlines on ANC today:

The ANC Brief: Checking his privilege 1

Complaint against Koko
A complaint has been filed against Sen. Koko Pimentel for violating the quarantine when he accompanied his wife to a hospital last month. The Department of Justice (DOJ) said it would set a probe on whether Pimentel is liable for violating the law. The DOJ said it would be fair in handling the issue. Pimentel said he has yet to receive a copy of the complaint.

'Fake news' in time of COVID-19
Police said they have arrested 32 people for spreading false information on social media on the coronavirus that caused panic. Meanwhile, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) criticized the harassment of a student journalist by his former teachers for criticizing the government’s response to COVID-19. CHR spokesperson Atty. Jacqueline Ann de Guia said the threat to file a libel case against Joshua Molo, editor-in-chief of UE’s The Dawn, disregarded “Molo’s dignity and fundamental human rights.”

The ANC Brief: Checking his privilege 2

Flattening the curve
National Task Force Covid-19 Response Chief Implementor Carlito Galvez said President Duterte might decide whether to extend the Luzon lockdown before Holy Wednesday. Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said the Luzon lockdown, implemented to stop the spread of the coronavirus, is likely to be extended by two weeks. Meanwhile, a team from the UP said the extension of the lockdown could “flatten the curve.”

Population boom?
Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman called for free reproductive health supplies and services for couples from marginalized sectors. Lagman said this is to prevent unplanned, unwanted and high-risk pregnancies during the lockdown while the country battles COVID-19.

The ANC Brief: Checking his privilege 3

Behind the wheel
To help out with COVID-19 efforts, marine scientist Deo Onda gives free rides to stranded healthcare workers to and from their place of work. By volunteering, as ANCX finds out, he became privy to every passenger's story of resilience.