In the Know: DOH warns vs common summer diseases


Posted at Apr 07 2017 01:31 PM

The Department of Health on Friday warned against six diseases that are expected to spread in communities as temperatures rise in the next few months.

Cases of sore eyes, colds, cough, skin diseases, heat stroke, and diarrhea are expected to increase during the dry season, Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Ubial said in a press conference.

Dog bites are also common during the hot season, she said. 

Ubial advised the public to wash hands as often as possible to avoid the spread of diseases, and take extra precaution by following these tips.

- Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes.
- Cover your nose and mouth whenever you sneeze or cough.
- Immediately consume food, especially starchy dishes, as bacteria grow and spread faster under high temperature.
- Stay hydrated, drink water even if you are not thirsty.
- Take a bath daily.
- Swim only in beaches and in bodies of water that are safe and clean.
- Make sure swimming pools are frequently cleaned and are doused with the right levels of chlorine.
- Keep dogs or pets leashed or confined in limited spaces.

Parents should also keep an eye on their children during outings as "drowning is one of the major causes of deaths among very young children," Ubial said.