Architects set up quarantine facilities to aid hospitals


Posted at Mar 29 2020 05:03 PM

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MANILA – A group of architects has begun setting up quarantine facilities to help hospitals in Metro Manila that have become overcrowded with patients due to the spread of COVID-19.

The group is working to build 22 facilities located near hospitals across the National Capital Region, said Architect William Ty of the WTA Architecture and Design Studio.

Each facility measures around 130 square meters and can house 15 beds, according to Ty.

“It’s really lightweight and it’s made out of wood so it’s easy. A lot of people can just copy the designs and do it in their own places, especially out of Metro Manila,” Ty said in an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel.

Ty said their group has secured funding from various donors to build all 22 sites. Each facility, he explained, costs around P300,000 and takes 5 days for 18 workers to build.

Ty added that adjustments in the facility’s design can be adjusted depending on the needs of the attached hospital.

“We're adjusting it a bit depending on the hospital’s needs. For example, some of them need lodging for health workers, some of them need housing for just persons under monitoring,” he explained.

Each facility has an entrance for doctors, patients, and other workers supervising the facility; a sanitation area; and a testing box where doctors can examine patients so they no longer need to have close contact.

The facilities will be built in locations such as the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, Lung Center of the Philippines, East Avenue Medical Center, and Chinese General Hospital, among others.

Ty also appealed for donations for materials such as wood pallets and insulation.

Donations may be coursed through the BDO account with the name “Anthology Festival Organization Manila Inc.” and number “004658012036.”