The ANC Brief: Election circus coming to town again


Posted at Mar 29 2019 04:00 AM

These are the stories making the headlines on ANC today:

Elections in the time of political dynasties
The electoral circus is coming to town again. The campaign for local positions like members of Congress, governors, and mayors is kicking off Friday and we can expect a flood of promises from the candidates and a lot of singing and dancing. It has been said that the midterms elections are a referendum on the president. With the massive popularity of President Duterte, the question is not so much which of his supporters running for posts will win, but more of which of them will actually lose. Also, the reality is that we live in a time of political dynasties. Which of the political dynasties around the country will continue to rule or fall?

Not done
Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio isn’t done yet with his criticisms of China loans. He issued another warning, this time on the Kaliwa Dam project. Also, the Palace told critics to set aside politics in Chico River Irrigation project, also funded by China loans. 

At odds
Two government agencies are at odds over the numbers on agriculture damage from El Niño. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) said the damage is at a hefty P2.6 billion. This was disputed by Agriculture Sec. Manny Pinol who said the number is only at P1.3 billion. Pinol said the figures might have been bloated by local government in time for the elections. 

Economic managers led by Socioeconomic Planning Sec. Ernesto Pernia will hold a briefing at 2:30 p.m. on economic issues including the effects of El Nino on the economy and government interventions. At the stock market, the Philippine index was listless rising by just 0.2% on thin volume. Analysts said next week might see better trading with critical inflation numbers up for release.

Dumbing down
These days, it seems like CGI has made filmmakers lazy, especially those that work for Disney. Technology has progressed to the point where Dumbo’s flying scenes, which start early in the movie and then happen at a frequent clip, achieve that sense of exhilaration, that convincing mix of freedom and vertigo. But something vital is missing, and most of the blame lies squarely on Ehren Kruger’s deficient script, which plunks human characters in a story that didn’t need them before…and then doesn’t summon enough interest in them.