De Lima hits back: Kawawa naman si Satanas kay Duterte


Posted at Mar 23 2017 07:35 PM

Senator Leila de Lima and President Rodrigo Duterte. Composite.

MANILA – The war of words between Senator Leila de Lima and President Rodrigo Duterte continues. 

In a speech before the Filipino community in Thailand, President Duterte on Thursday morning said he will wait for De Lima in hell and will tell Satan that she is the rightful queen in the abyss.

Duterte mocked De Lima, calling the senator thick-faced.

De Lima, currently detained on drug charges, is not one to back down.

“The President again made libelous statements against my person before the Filipino community in Bangkok. Unsatisfied with the fact that he was already able to imprison me, he continues to destroy me before various audiences like a market fishwife and leaves no dignity whatsoever to the office he holds,” De Lima said.

“I pity the President for believing in his own lies. I continue to pray for a miracle that during his visit in Thailand, the President will, during a lucid, Fentanyl-free interval, be enlightened in the peaceful ways of the country he is now visiting, like the way Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment.

"That might be too much to ask, but miracles do happen. This is my fervent prayer so that he may be saved from hell and so that Satan may be saved from his potty mouth. 

"Kawawa naman si Satanas kay Duterte pag nagkataon.”

In a separate letter, De Lima said she believes the arm of the law will soon catch up with the “chief architect of the mass murders and his enforcers and cheerers.”

“I hope they realize this— Liability for atrocities under international human rights law, including the Rome Statute, extends not only to the actual perpetrators or direct participants in such heinous acts, but also those who tolerate and condone them, more so incite and encourage them as well as those who do nothing about the prevalence of massive EJKs despite knowledge thereof,” she said.