Ellen Adarna, Cebu mayor's son trade barbs over being 'spoiled brats'


Posted at Mar 22 2017 06:27 PM

An 8-year-old issue involving parties, drunk teens, and alleged death threats among the rich kids of Cebu resurfaced Wednesday after actress Ellen Adarna took a swipe at Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña's statement against "spoiled brats" in the Southern metropolis.

"You're nothing special," Osmeña told "spoiled brats" on Monday, after David Lim Jr., a member of an affluent family in Cebu, fired a gun and hit a nurse following a traffic altercation.

Adarna took to social media her frustration over Osmeña's remarks as she claimed that the mayor's son was also an influential Cebuano "brat."

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Throwback feeling to when your brat shot my kabarkada's digi cam, hung it on her gate, and threatened us with a text message (that read) 'The next time this happens, a bullet goes through your head,'" Adarna said in a Facebook post which appears to have been already deleted.

Adarna also uploaded pictures of the dilapidated camera, and an old mobile phone where the alleged death threat was sent.



Adarna's slur was directed at Osmeña's son, Miguel, who has denied the allegations via a lengthy social media post.

The younger Osmeña said the spat between him and Adarna's group, including Cebu road rage suspect David Lim Jr., happened in 2009 when Adarna's clique left one of their girl pals after a teenage drinking spree.

"In 2009, I found Bea passed out in a bar after some of her classmates called me to say her (Adarna's) group abandoned her there. The same classmates told me a pill was slipped into Bea's glass. I had to wipe the mud off her before carrying her to my car to bring her to the hospital. She had to go on IV, and it took her 3 hours just to wake up," the mayor's son said in a Facebook post.

Osmeña admitted to confronting Adarna's friend who was behind the bar mishap but belied claims that he shot her digital camera and sent death threats, contrary to the photos and screenshots posted by Adarna.

"No camera was shot, much less delivered... If she was so convinced of my guilt, why did she fail to submit the camera to the NBI for fingerprinting and ballistics tests? She lives in a subdivision. Where is the guardhouse logbook the police was asking for?" he said.

Osmeña said he wanted to file libel charges against Adarna's group back in 2009, but decided to focus on his college education in the US instead.

"I moved on. I finished college, moved back to Cebu... I married Bea, the same girl they left in the mud all those years ago," he said.


The younger Osmeña said the "ancient, baseless accusations" resurfaced only because Adarna's group was indirectly reprimanded by the Cebu City mayor after the road rage incident involving one of the actress' friends.

He told Adarna and her pals to "move on" with their lives and to stop attacking Mayor Osmeña "just because one of their own shot a nurse because he couldn't realize that the Lims are already in enough trouble."