Marcos camp supports taking down of spliced video of nun

Raffy Cabristante, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Mar 21 2022 09:21 PM

Sister Consolata Manding of the Daughters of St. Paul called
Sister Consolata Manding of the Daughters of St. Paul called "unfair" and "presumptuous" a TikTok video which she said made her appear to be supportive of presidential candidate Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., March 18, 2022. Courtesy: Paulines MultiMedia PH.

MANILA — The camp of presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Monday said it is in favor of the removal of a video depicting a nun supposedly as his supporter.

“We fully support the plea of Sr. Manding, fsp, to have this irresponsible post taken down for being malicious and unfair and the only purpose for which the video was uploaded is to spread misinformation, sow hatred and further divisiveness,” Marcos' spokesperson Atty. Vic Rodriguez said in a statement.

Sister Consolata Manding, a Daughters of St. Paul nun, described as "unfair" how a TikTok video used a recording of her that made her appear to be supporting Marcos.

In a video with the words "Nuns of EDSA 1", which the congregation said has gone viral, Manding was shown supposedly speaking out against Marcos' critics. 

"Let people decide; do not destroy the person," Manding was shown saying in the video. 

In a separate video posted last Friday by Paulines MultiMedia PH on YouTube, Manding said those remarks were part of a longer answer to a question from a journalist back in 2016 during that year's EDSA Revolution anniversary.

"I was saying in that (2016) interview that it's better to tell them the good things they have done rather than the bad. But what happened is, they took a slice of that interview and then put it beside a picture of BBM and put it on TikTok. So, of course, people who will see it will say, 'Oy si Sister Consolata pala is endorsing BBM'," the nun said.

Manding said she is not endorsing Marcos.

The Daughters of St. Paul congregation played a significant role in the 1986 EDSA Revolution that ousted Marcos' father, then President Ferdinand Marcos, from power.

Rodriguez said their camp "have taken the steps to report this (TikTok) video as misinformation."

"As victims of fake news ourselves, we sympathize with anyone whose words are deliberately taken out of context to pursue a political agenda," he added.

He said there is no need for the Marcos camp or their supporters to resort to “underhanded methods of campaigning", as the "groundswell of support for (Marcos) is clear and indisputable.”

“We reiterate presidential frontrunner Bongbong Marcos’ call for unity, end the culture of negative campaigning and elevate the level of political discourse to a decent and issue oriented one,” Rodriguez said.


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