De Lima smells 'fake foreign intel' in Duterte claim


Posted at Mar 16 2017 05:57 PM

Senator Leila De Lima. File

MANILA - Detained Senator Leila De Lima on Thursday doubts allegations that the illegal drug cases she's facing are backed by “international intelligence” reports.

De Lima said the new claim of President Rodrigo Duterte, which was made during a dinner with several senators, were nothing but “black propaganda.”

"Foreign intel??? It might as well be an intel from the planet Mars or Jupiter," De Lima wrote in a statement sent to the media Thursday.

"I highly doubt whether there's such a US intel. If there is, it must be a spurious one, or based from a highly dubious or polluted source or sources. I demand that the details of that so-called US intel, if there is one, be made public so I can confront them. Malaking kalokohan na naman po ito," De Lima added.

De Lima also reiterated her innocence to her “gullible colleagues at the Senate” and to the public.

Senator JV Ejercito earlier told reporters that the president told him and fellow senators over dinner last Tuesday that foreign intelligence gave evidence against De Lima. 

"Yung mga evidence against her parang international-intelligence-supplied, it's not only the local na nagsupply ng report," Ejercito said.

In an earlier letter, De Lima lamented that her Senate colleagues seemed to have believed quickly the allegations against her.

A letter of Senator Leila de Lima dated March 16, 2017.

De Lima is currently detained at the Philippine National Police Custodial Center on drug charges. She insists that the charges against her have no basis and are only politically motivated.