Wet wipes brand warns vs harmful knockoffs


Posted at Mar 06 2020 10:23 PM

MANILA - A wet wipes brand has advised the public against a counterfeit version of its product in the market.

Gentro International Products Inc., trademark owner of Giggles wet wipes, made the warning as authorities cracked the whip on wet wipes suspected to contain harmful chemicals.

One of the offending products, called "Giggley," appeared to be a Giggles knockoff, prompting the original to advise consumers to be vigilant against imitations.

"'Giggley' is infringing upon the 'Giggles' trademark because its packaging, label and appearance are unauthorized reproduction or colorable imitation of 'GIGGLES,' passing them off as genuine, and which are likely to cause confusion, mistake, or deception to the buying public," Gentro said in an advisory.

Gentro said the Giggles brand "is safe for public consumption... and does not contain any harmful chemicals which are covered by the ban."

Gentro added that it has filed trademark infringement case against the people behind "Giggley," as well as "Gigglas" and "Dong Bang."

Giggley and Dong Bang are among the six wet wipes brands banned in Baguio City.

The other banned wet wipes brands are Dong Bang Yao Baby Tender, Family Treasure Baby Tender, Sky Fire Baby Tender, and Super Soft Skin Care Wet Towel.


The Baguio City council said the six brands "allegedly contain" chemical compounds such as methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone (MCI/MIT), and iodopropynyl butylcarbamate (IPBC), citing EcoWaste Coalition findings.