Gordon brands Lascañas' testimony as a lie


Posted at Mar 06 2017 08:47 PM

Gordon brands Lascañas' testimony as a lie 1
Senator Richard Gordon. Voltaire Domingo, NPPA Images

MANILA- Senator Richard Gordon on Monday dismissed the testimony of self-confessed hitman, retired SPO3 Arturo Lascañas, as a lie.

Gordon, who headed last year’s inquiry into the alleged Davao Death Squad (DDS) wherein Lascañas also testified, said the retired cop seems to be motivated by money. 

“His motivations are purely mercenary… It would appear that he seems to go for what's convenient at the time, or what will make money for him,” Gordon told ANC.

“Lascañas is a liar and, by his own admission, a long-time murderer and he continues to lie despite the fact that he had his spiritual conversion,” he added.

Lascañas flip-flopped on his earlier claims that the DDS was a product of "media hype." 

On Monday, he faced the Senate and admitted to killing around 200 people, including broadcaster Jun Pala, a certain barangay captain Villarte, and a certain Fred Sotto, a former part-time commentator.

Gordon said Lascañas lacks morality as seen in his admission on how he killed his own brothers.

“It appears that he is unable to see what is right and wrong,” Gordon said.

Gordon also took a swipe at another self-confessed DDS hitman Edgar Matobato, calling him a liar. 

“They are not there (Senate) to tell the truth. They are there to try and get a forum for their lies,” he said.

Gordon, however, clarified that he does not dismiss the existence of extra-judicial killings.

“There’s been an awful, awful lot of killings,” he said.