IBP president warns of possible backlash on petition vs Sereno


Posted at Mar 05 2018 11:52 PM

The president of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) warned of a possible backlash on the latest move of the Solicitor General to remove Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

On ANC's Talkback, IBP's Abdiel Dan Fajardo said the public may simply see this as an executive action against the head of the judiciary.

"The Solgen (Solicitor General) is part of the executive department so the impression of the people or the public is that this is an executive action against the Chief Justice, the head of the judiciary, which is a separate branch. We would have thought that the removal of the chief justice, the possible removal of the chief justice would be confined to legislative branch since after all its only branch given by the Constitution with that power," Fajardo said.

Fajardo now fears the controversy surrounding the Supreme Court will lessen the people's faith in the judicial system.

"Initially, this is such an unfortunate development because the public perception should remain that the judiciary is apolitical. It should be the most neutral branch of government because after all, that is their final resort," he said.

"So if the people see that the judiciary is embroiled in a very big controversy, you know, we might really lose faith in the justice system," Fajardo added.