The ANC Brief: Dispute over debates


Posted at Mar 04 2019 04:00 AM

Will candidates of the large political parties finally agree to a debate? Here are the stories ANC will cover today:

The ANC Brief: Dispute over debates 1

Debating the issue of debates
We are well into the campaign season and the political parties are still bickering over the issue of debates. Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said Otso Diretso candidates want to debate with Hugpong candidates for the “publicity.” Koko Pimentel of the PDP-Laban said they are ready to debate with the opposition. Meanwhile, Makabayan has endorsed nine candidates.

Words matter
Caloocan Bishop Pablo David is said to be receiving death threats after President Rodrigo Duterte remarked that useless bishops should be killed and robbed. The President, who perhaps realized that his words really matter, later changed his tune and warned against anyone harming members of the clergy. The Commission on Human Rights said critics of the government should not be threatened. 

The ANC Brief: Dispute over debates 2

This river runs deep
Senatorial candidates Neri Colmenares claimed the Chico River irrigation project with China is onerous to the tune of P3.6 billion. Panelo told Colmenares to go to court on the deal. In response, Colmenares dared Panelo to release the official copy of the project’s contract.

Litmus test
The preliminary investigation on the case of the shabu found inside the magnetic lifters will be held today. ANC will keep a close eye on the proceedings as this is one of the litmus tests of the Duterte administration’s war on drugs.

The ANC Brief: Dispute over debates 3

Global affairs
There is still much to digest on the recent US-Nokor summit and the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Both events impact US-Philippine relations as well as stability in the region. Analysts Jay Batongbacal and Chester Cabalza will be guests on ANC’s "Headstart" to discuss the implications and importance of these two events.