Alleged Maute sub-leader falls in Tondo


Posted at Mar 04 2018 04:24 PM

MANILA - A suspected sub-leader of the Maute group was arrested in Tondo, Manila this weekend, the Philippine National Police confirmed Sunday. 

The suspect was identified as Nazzer Lomondot alias "Muhamad Lomondot," who allegedly led an attack against a Civilian Active Auxiliary detachment in Marantao, Lanao Del Sur in 2017. 

Soldiers and policemen arrested Lomondot and a companion, Rizasalam Lomondot last Saturday, a PNP report said. 

Seized from the duo were a hand grenade and a caliber .45 pistol, police said. 

They were brought to the the Manila Police District for documentation. 

The Islamic State-inspired Maute group last year laid siege to Marawi for 5 months, leaving over 1,000 dead and much of the city in ruins. 

The war for Marawi, the country's biggest security crisis in years, has stoked wider concerns that ISIS-inspired militants have learned how to thrive in impoverished Muslim areas on the island of Mindanao and use its jungles and mountains as staging posts to launch attacks.