Prosecutors junk obstruction of justice rap vs father of fratman tagged in hazing case

Mike Navallo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Mar 03 2023 05:07 PM

Father to be released immediately, says DOJ spox

MANILA — Department of Justice prosecutors have junked the obstruction of justice complaint against the father of one of the fratmen tagged in the alleged hazing of an Adamson University student, DOJ spokesperson Assistant Secretary Mico Clavano said Friday.

“The resolution on the obstruction of justice against the father of the respondents has been dismissed due to lack of probable cause with reasonable certainty of conviction,” he told reporters, citing information from the DOJ panel of prosecutors.

There were no additional details as to the reason for the dismissal.

“I haven’t read the resolution myself… All I know is that the resolution was for dismissal,” Clavano explained.

Biñan, Laguna police on Thursday filed the obstruction of justice complaint against the father of a person of interest in the hazing case because he supposedly tried to stop officers from serving a search warrant intended to secure a blue SUV allegedly used during the initiation rites which led to the death of 24-year-old John Matthew Salilig. 

The father was arrested on Wednesday, March 1.

With the junking of the obstruction of the justice complaint, the father “will be released immediately,” according to Clavano, although he is not yet certain if the Biñan police have already been informed of the resolution.


Meanwhile, 7 Tau Gamma Phi fraternity members are currently under police custody over the killing of Salilig.

Six were arrested on Wednesday night while a 7th fraternity member, Daniel de los Reyes Perry, who is said to the be master initiator, surrendered to authorities on Thursday.

“He will also go through the same inquest proceeding which is afforded to the previous 6 respondents and that will take place either today or tomorrow,” Clavano said Friday.

A total of 15 frat members took part in the initiation rites of 4 individuals, according to the DOJ spokesperson.

Salilig, a chemical engineering student, was reported missing by his brother on Feb. 20.

He had told his brother on the night of Feb. 17 that he would attend the fraternity’s initiation rites. 

His body was found on Tuesday, Feb. 28, in a remote site in Cavite, after a fraternity member brought the police to the location.

Salilig was allegedly hit at least 70 times and was no longer responsive while on board a vehicle.

A medico-legal report from the PNP said Salilig suffered severe blunt force trauma to the lower extremities, which was the cause of his death.

On Thursday, Salilig’s brother and a fraternity neophyte filed 2 complaints for violation of the Anti-Hazing law against 6 suspects who were invited to the Biñan police station and arrested after they were identified by a complainant on Wednesday night.

The preliminary investigation is set on March 10 where the respondents are expected to submit their counter-affidavits.

Police considered the case “solved” even if around 10 persons of interest have yet to show up.

Clavano called on schools, school officials and authorities to help in looking for the remaining frat members involved in the alleged hazing incident.

“We encourage the school authorities to help our law enforcement agencies if ever there are requests for any information sa school to please cooperate that we can get to the bottom of this as soon as possible,” he said.