Panelo to De Lima: Accept reality, that's karmic debt


Posted at Mar 03 2017 06:58 PM

Leila de Lima and Salvador Panelo. Composite

MANILA- President Rodrigo Duterte's chief legal counsel Salvador Panelo hit back at detained Senator Leila de Lima on Friday, saying she was paying a "karmic debt."

"She should accept reality and the truth that she created the rut she is now in. She is paying a karmic debt," Panelo said in a text message.

Panelo claimed over 500,000 Filipinos want De Lima jailed and that she should tell herself to stop fooling the people.

"She should instead write to herself and tell herself to stop fooling herself and the people," Panelo said.

"In an online survey, half a million people wanted her jailed while only less than 5000 want her out," he claimed.

Earlier Friday, De Lima, through a handwritten letter released to the media, said Duterte's mouthpieces of Duterte and the police must “stop insulting our intelligence, stop fooling our people and the rest of the world.”

“In due time, your president and those who blindly enforce his illegal orders to kill, fabricate evidence and concoct lies will be held accountable,” De Lima said.

De Lima is currently detained at the Custodial Center in Camp Crame for drug charges. She has repeatedly slammed the cases against her as political persecution for her criticism of President Duterte's war on drugs.