Lagman dares Alvarez to sack lower House leaders


Posted at Mar 02 2017 09:08 PM

MANILA- Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman on Thursday said House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez should fulfill his threat of removing deputy speakers and committee chairpersons in the House of Representatives who will vote against the reimposition of the death penalty. 

Lagman said Alvarez should act on his threat, or nobody would believe him anymore.

“I think he should make good his threat otherwise if he does not make good his threat to strip members of the House with chairmanship then nobody will believe it anymore,” Lagman said on ANC’s “Top Story.”

“In the subsequent bills which will have to be introduced to the house, he could not make the same threat anymore,” he added.

Despite threatening to remove dissenters of the death penalty revival from plum posts in Congress, Alvarez insisted that congressmen are free to oppose capital punishment and denied any arm-twisting. 

“It’s really ironic that the very congressional leaders who insisted that the death penalty be imposed so that people will be discouraged or deterred from violating the law were the very ones who violated with impunity established House rules and honored traditions of the House of Representatives,” Lagman said.

Lagman hopes that nominal voting will be followed in the 3rd reading of the death penalty bill, so that dissenters can explain why they are against the measure.

“We'd be happy if the 3rd reading will be by roll call or nominal voting so the members against the measure can really stand up and tell the house as well as the public their grounds for opposing the death penalty,” he said.

Lagman added that the “inordinate railroading” of the bill did not give Congress the full opportunity to deliberate on the measure to assess possible inconsistencies.

The death penalty is up for voting on the third and final reading next week.