De Lima's family worried over her safety in Camp Crame

Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at Mar 02 2017 06:28 PM

The family of detained Senator Leila de Lima continues to express their grief and worries for the senator, almost a week after she was arrested for alleged drug trading and receiving payoffs from drug dealers inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP). 

In an exchange of messages from the De Lima camp to ABS-CBN North America News Bureau, they said the senator is alone in a detention area in Camp Crame. She was able to write her family in a book, since cellphones are not allowed in Camp Crame.

De Lima wrote to her family that she is psychologically prepared for this detention, and that she is crying for truth and justice as her heart bleeds for all other victims of injustice, especially those falsely accused and now cramped in severely congested jails. 

She also prays for more strength and fortitude and asks her family to be strong.

The De Lima camp added that although the senator tells them that police personnel assigned to watch her have been polite and professional, she still doesn’t feel safe in her detention area. 

“She is very much aware of the criminal capabilities of the leader of the current administration. That the testimonies of [hitmen Edgar] Matobato and [Arturo] Lascanas point the disturbing truth that a mass murderer was elected president of our beloved country,” her camp said.

The De Lima family said she is not a drug lord protector and has not received any money from drug lords.

The De Lima camp added that if she were corrupt, she would have been able to buy her own house, but she has no money to buy her own house. They said the house she was staying in before her detention was being rented. 

She also doesn’t have the money to pay for high-priced lawyers to stand in her defense, her camp said. 

When asked if the senator will seek political asylum from the United States or European Union, the family said that they will not seek any political asylum because they believe she is innocent. 

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