Duterte should be ousted 'if found guilty of murder': Trillanes


Posted at Mar 01 2017 10:40 AM

MANILA - Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said President Rodrigo Duterte should be removed from his post if allegations of his involvement in murder are proven true.

Asked in an interview with ANC's "Headstart" if he wants the President removed from office, Trillanes said: "If found guilty of murder, definitely yes."

Trillanes said that as early as mid-2015 when they "profiled" the then-Davao City mayor, he found out that "he has killed people, he has ordered people killed, innocent people, and that he has amassed wealth."

"That’s the information that I have, and that basically disqualifies him to run this country and that’s why the country is in a mess right now—precisely because we have a president who is not fit to hold office," he said.

"We have 8,000 people killed already and that explains all of these things, because of what we know. Now, I’m in the process of letting people know what I have," he added.

Trillanes maintained that his revelations about the chief executive should matter to the people who voted for Duterte, and it is their job as national leaders.

"There’s the sheep and the shepherd. We don’t follow the sheep. You direct the sheep where the sheep should be going," he said.

The two-term senator presented last week retired SPO3 Arturo Lascañas, who claims to be a team leader of the vigilante group Davao Death Squad (DDS) that killed "numerous" criminals and innocent people per the orders of Duterte.

A Senate probe into Lascañas' claims has been set for Monday, and Trillanes vows that he will prove then that Duterte is indeed a "mass murderer."