Instead of 'Tokhang' go after Abu Sayyaf: Recto


Posted at Feb 28 2017 04:13 PM

Senator Ralph Recto urged the government to go after the Abu Sayyaf instead of reviving its controversial 'Oplan Tokhang.'

Recto, who was elected on Monday as the new Senate President Pro-Tempore, said authorities should "knock out bigger threats like the Abu Sayyaf and other local ISIS groups," instead of resuming door-to-door tokhang operations. 

In a statement, Recto said it was time to permanently stamp out the Abu Sayyaf. 

"These terrorists have been in the beheading business for 25 years now. Isang henerasyon na. Dapat nang tuldukan," Recto said. 

Recto's statement follows the terrorist group's beheading of a German national who was kidnapped near Sabah, Malaysia and later brought to Sulu.

"In terms of damage to the national image, the Abu Sayyaf has caused more than what a hundred drug syndicates had done," he said.

Recto, meanwhile, said that if the war on drugs should be scaled up, it must target "shabu factories." 

"I will concede that the war against drugs should continue. But it should be on the manufacturing front. Instead of knocking on homes, the police should be battering down gates of shabu labs," Recto said. 

Recto was elected to the number 2 Senate post after a leadership shakeup that saw senators from the Liberal Party and an ally lose their key Senate posts.