Roque: Feminists are sometimes 'OA'


Posted at Feb 08 2018 08:26 AM

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on Wednesday said feminists are sometimes overacting when it comes to President Rodrigo Duterte.

He made the remark in a video interview posted on his Facebook page when asked about a funny story shared by the president to him.

"There's a lot. He is so lovable because sometimes he's so funny."

One time, Roque said, Duterte made a joke about being indicted in international criminal court, but didn't elaborate on what grounds.

"He's saying, well, I don't mind for as long as you allow conjugal visits by more than one woman," said Roque, followed by a laugh.

He added, "You know, sometimes, these feminists are really a bit OA. I mean, that's funny. Come on. Just laugh."

Roque said many Filipinos love the president because of his humor. 

"Because in the Philippines, even if we are in despair, even if we are like even hopeless, instead of crying, we laugh," he said.

"So, I think that's very Filipino. And that's why people identify with his humor."

A Filipino lawyer earlier filed a complaint against President Rodrigo Duterte and senior officials at the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Monday, accusing them of crimes against humanity in a nationwide anti-drugs crackdown.