The ANC Brief: Outbreak in Metro Manila


Posted at Feb 07 2019 04:00 AM

A vaccine scare, then a measles outbreak. Here are the stories ANC will be covering today:

The ANC Brief: Outbreak in Metro Manila 1

Failure of health policy
An outbreak of any disease in a particular area can be viewed as a failure of government policy on public health. Health authorities are supposed to map and identify areas which are vulnerable to a particular disease. The failure of policy is magnified if the disease is something as preventable as measles. Health Sec. Francisco Duque himself pointed out that the Dengavaxia scare perpetrated by Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) chief Persida Acosta has caused a decline in Filipinos’ vaccine confidence. How will government address the measles outbreak in the National Capital Region and Region 3? 

Three blasts
All eyes are on the canvassing of the votes from the Bangsamoro Organic Law. But authorities will still have to deal with the current peace and order issues in the South. The Palace assures the public’s safety after three blasts rocked Lanao del Norte a day before the second part of the BOL plebiscite on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the government is readying amnesties for MILF fighters as part of the peace deal with government.

The ANC Brief: Outbreak in Metro Manila 2

Hobbling along
The five suspects in the Jolo bombing have been charged. But nothing new has been heard from authorities on the supposed involvement of an Indonesian couple in the bombing. Also, did authorities nab the wrong Kamah? There are also reports that one of the suspects identified by the PNP had already died in Aug. 2018. Also, a US report said the AFP has “limited ability” to track terrorists. If true, this is means the country’s capability to fight terror has been hobbling along all this time. 

Selling on news
The Senate approved the transfer of the ownership of Mislatel to the consortium owned by Udenna Corp. of Davao-based businessman Dennis Uy. The consortium was named as the provisional third telco. This would ease the pressure off Mislatel and give the go signal for the consortium to operate. ANC’s Business group will keep an eye on the stock market as traders are expected to “sell on news” stocks linked to Uy’s interests.

The ANC Brief: Outbreak in Metro Manila 3

Fenced off
Part of Manila Bay has been fenced off after crowds have been flocking there to take a dip in the bay’s unsafe waters. ANC will watch for developments on the campaign against establishments and local governments who are liable for polluting the bay. Tourism Sec. Berna Puyat on will be guest on ANC’s Headstart. Environment and Natural Resources Undersecretary Sherwin Rigor will be guest on ANC’s Early Edition.