Malacañang, Church need to sit down and mend fences, congressman says


Posted at Feb 03 2017 08:19 PM

MANILA — A lawmaker is urging Malacañang and the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines to hold a summit to discuss and resolve political and social issues dividing them.

Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo on Thursday brought up the idea, even as he called for a "suspension of hostilities in the media."

"Our political and religious leaders need to come together to resolve their concerns and apprehension over such issues as the so-called extrajudicial killings, the war on drugs, the reproductive health law, the restoration of death penalty, and the proposed distribution of condoms in public schools," Castelo said.

The Catholic Church has repeatedly spoken out against President Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody war on drugs which has left more than 7,000 dead.

Duterte, a Catholic like the estimated 80 percent of Filipinos, has come out swinging against the Catholic Church and its leaders, even accusing a bishop of of having 2 wives.

Castelo added that until the proposed summit is approved, it would be helpful it both parties were to start with a “ceasetalk” and refrain from criticizing each other and making adverse comments in the media.

"We need to find a common ground in the face of the conflicting positions of the Church and the administration on these issues," Castelo said.