CCTV shows 'bribe' transfer between Lam aide, BI men


Posted at Jan 31 2017 01:32 PM | Updated as of Jan 31 2017 01:40 PM

CCTV shows 'bribe' transfer between Lam aide, BI men 1

MANILA - Senator Richard Gordon presented at a legislative inquiry on Tuesday several CCTV clips showing the transfer of millions of pesos from gambling tycoon Jack Lam's alleged representative to 2 Immigration officials.

Wally Sombero, who allegedly negotiated with the officials for the release of over 1,300 workers arrested at Lam's casino, was caught on CCTV stuffing bundles of money into 3 paper bags.

Another CCTV clip shows Sombero carrying the bags to his November 26 meeting with sacked BI deputy commissioners Al Argosino and Micheal Robles at a restaurant in the City of Dreams.

A third video shows Robles, Argosino and another man carrying the bags.

CCTV shows 'bribe' transfer between Lam aide, BI men 2

Robles confirmed that the man accompanying them was his brother, Marlon.

In an affidavit he read during the Senate hearing, Robles said Argosino asked him to attend the meeting with Sombero to discuss the inquest proceeding and physcial inventory of the workers nabbed at Lam's casino.

He said he noticed the paper bags after Sombero momentarily left their meeting.

"I was surprised and asked him (Argosino) if he asked for the money and what is the purpose of the money. Attorney Argosino told me that he still does not know the purpose of the money and that he did not ask for it," Robles said.

"He also told me that he is conducting an investigation for violations of the immigration law and anti-human trafficking against Jack Lam."

Argosino, he said, decided to keep the money as "evidence."

CCTV shows 'bribe' transfer between Lam aide, BI men 3

Robles also admitted he took home 2 of the 3 bags on the instructions of Argosino, who cited "security reasons."

He added that they had two more meetings with Sombero in the course of their "investigation" against Lam.

After their third meeting, Robles said he urged Argosino to report their activities to Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre but the latter refused because "circumstances prevented him to do so."

Watch a live streaming of the hearing here.