Bloggers are not above libel laws - Poe


Posted at Jan 30 2018 11:14 AM | Updated as of Jan 30 2018 11:26 AM

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MANILA - Senator Grace Poe on Tuesday said bloggers should also be held responsible if he or she spreads false information.

"Some bloggers claimed that their posts were personal expressions or mere opinions and are therefore not subject to a journalist’s code of ethics. In my view, bloggers are not above libel laws," she said as the Senate committee on public information and mass media resumed the inquiry into fake news.

"You cannot just attack a person without basis, and then hide behind the skirt of free expression. I think one must have the courage to stand by what he has written and posted publicly," she added in her opening statement.

Poe said bloggers and journalists should be responsible for what they write or post online, especially on social media where a lot of false information is being spread.

She also mentioned how authoritarian regimes in other countries have used public resources to spread misinformation, and even harass political opponents, through social media.

Poe said Congress cannot legislate thought control in order to stop fake news as it may be tantamount to censorship.

She said the most effective way to combat this problem is having "an educated and vigilant citizenry, and a government which must cease to be the greatest enabler of manufactured information."