Duterte calls for 'more profound' appreciation of Filipino-Chinese ties


Posted at Jan 27 2017 02:15 PM

Duterte calls for 'more profound' appreciation of Filipino-Chinese ties 1

MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday called for a "more profound appreciation" of the heritage between Filipinos and Chinese as he lauded the Chinese community for their contributions to the country's economy and culture.

"May all of us develop a more profound appreciation of our heritage as two distinct yet intertwined peoples, and further fortify the goodwill that we have shared over the years," Duterte said in his Chinese New Year message.

“The government shares the joys and hopes of our Chinese friends and Chinese Filipinos who have found a root and reason for staying in the country. They have enriched the Filipino culture and history on their own,” Duterte added.

Duterte said the trade and investments of the Chinese community have contributed to the Philippine economy and that Chinese cuisine and philosophy have become "dearly familiar" to Filipinos.

"They have contributed to the economy by trade and investments. Their cuisine has been dearly familiar in many Filipino homes. Their philosophy and attitude in life are a wellspring of practical lesson that all of us, regardless of nationality, can learn from,” he said.

“To everyone who believes in the miracle of beginnings and who makes a choice for hope against fear, my best wishes on this auspicious season of the Chinese New Year,” he added.

Duterte has declared the celebration of the Chinese New Year in the country on Saturday, January 28, as a special non-working day