Korea presidential hopeful hits Duterte over businessman's slay


Posted at Jan 27 2017 02:14 AM

A candidate for the top government post in South Korea criticized President Rodrigo Duterte for his supposed lack of action regarding the killing of businessman Jee Ick-joo. 

Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) presidential candidate Jae-in Moon called Duterte's inaction "diplomatic disrespect," reported the Korea Times.

While it was a shock that Jee was killed by police inside their headquarters, it was more shocking that Duterte did not hold Philippine National Police (PNP) Director-General Ronald dela Rosa responsible for the incident.


"What's more shocking is that President Duterte did not hold the police chief, who faces growing calls to resign from the Philippine people, responsible but rather participated in his birthday party," Korea Times quoted Moon, who posted his views in his native tongue on Facebook.

The presidential hopeful then "sternly requested...as a friend" for the Philippines to take "responsible measures based on constitutionalism."

In a statement, the South Korean government called on Philippine authorities to "thoroughly conduct the investigation" into Jee's death.

A "very much shocked" South Korea also said it expects the Philippines to prevent such cases from happening in the future.

The Philippine government apologized to South Korea for the "irreparable loss" and promised to "commit the full force of law to ensure that justice is served."

On Thursday, Dela Rosa assured South Korea that authorities will do its "level best in getting to the bottom of the case."

On Thursday, some of Jee's countrymen visited the site of his death at Camp Crame to offer prayers and leave flowers.

While they admitted that they are "afraid and a little worried" because of Jee's death and other incidents of kidnapping involving Koreans, they believe that the government will be able to protect Korean nationals.