Most Pinoys expect Duterte to deliver most of his promises: SWS

Gillan Ropero, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jan 18 2019 06:42 PM

MANILA - Almost half of Filipinos expect President Rodrigo Duterte to deliver most, if not all, of his promises during his term, a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey revealed Friday.

Of 1,440 adult Filipinos polled last month, 48 percent said Duterte could "fulfill most, if not all, of his promises."

Of this number, 13 percent said they believe Duterte could fulfill all of his promises, while 35 percent said he could make most of his promises happen.

The survey, meanwhile, found 6 percent saying Duterte could not fulfill his promises, while the remaining 46 percent said he could fulfill "a few" of his promises.

Optimism that Duterte can fulfill his promises was highest in his home region Mindanao at 50 percent despite a 10-point drop, followed by Balance Luzon at 49 percent, Visayas at 46 percent, and Metro Manila at 41 percent.

Expectations on the President rose in class E by 18 points to 52 percent, and by 7 points in class ABC to 56 percent. It, however, fell by 3 points in class D to 46 percent.

The fourth quarter poll was conducted from December 16 to 19, 2018. It has a margin of error of ±2.6 percent for national figures.

Among Duterte's promises when he was campaigning was ridding the country of illegal drugs in just 3 to 6 months, which he has since said turned out to be a "fiasco."

The President also vowed to end the practice of "endo" among workers. In May 2018, he signed Executive Order 51 stopping illegal contractualization.

Duterte also promised to pursue peace efforts with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and establish a Bangsamoro region in order to grant wider self-rule to predominantly Muslim provinces and cities. The Bangsamoro plebiscite will be held on January 21.

The President has fulfilled his promise to implement tax reforms.