Solution offered: A 'hybrid' Con-con to revise Constitution


Posted at Jan 17 2018 12:17 PM | Updated as of Jul 09 2019 12:52 PM

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Former Chief Justice Reynato Puno on Wednesday pushed for a "hybrid" Constitutional convention to rewrite the charter, instead of convening a Constitutional assembly. 

The proposed hybrid Con-con will be composed of "elected and appointed delegates" who will vote on proposed amendments to the Constitution, which will then be presented to the public for ratification, Puno said during a Senate hearing.

The elected delegates, he said, would be chosen by voters based on their platforms and shall exclude candidates from political parties. 

Appointed delegates, meanwhile, will be tapped by a panel of experts on the Constitution. 

Legislators are currently inclined to convene a Con-ass, where the 2 houses of Congress will vote on proposed changes to the 1987 Constitution. 

This set-up however may expose lawmakers to conflict of interest, said Puno.

"Some members of Congress may find themselves in a conflict situation in the course of writing or rewriting the Constitution. Issues like establishing a one-house Parliament, abolishing the party-list system, regulating political dynasties and extending the term of sitting legislators may render the actions of those affected suspect to the public," he said. 

The difficult task of rewriting the charter will also take time away from legislators' main mandate of acting on important bills, Puno added.

Watch a livestream of the Senate committee on constitutional amendments' hearing here. 

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DZMM, 17 January 2018