Pacquiao on death penalty: Even Jesus was sentenced to die


Posted at Jan 18 2017 12:01 AM | Updated as of Jan 18 2017 10:46 AM

Manny Pacquiao is OK with a congressional proposal to bring back the death penalty because he said even Scripture approves of it.

"The Bible says, 'Do not kill.' That means if you wrong me, I can't kill you. Let authorities handle that," he said on Tuesday.

Pacquiao went as far as referencing Jesus Christ and comparing the Roman empire's rule of law to contemporary public affairs.

"God gave the government the right to use capital punishment," Pacquiao said. "Jesus Christ was even sentenced to death because the government called for it."

Pacquiao, who is also a pastor, has been a vocal proponent of capital punishment.

In May, before being proclaimed a senator, Pacquiao said the death penalty was in line with biblical teachings.

In August, Pacquiao said the death penalty was "moral and lawful." 

In December, Pacquiao said he was open to capital punishment but would like reforms instituted in the judiciary.