21 pigs culled to prevent swine flu spread in Pangasinan town

Joanna Tacason, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jan 14 2020 09:18 PM

Workers in protective gear bury a pig that was culled in Binmaley, Pangasinan. Joanna Tacason, ABS-CBN News

BINMALEY, Pangasinan – A total of 21 pigs were culled on Tuesday after blood tests confirmed that 4 hogs from Barangay Linoc had the African swine fever.

The ASF Task Force led by the Department of Agriculture immediately implemented the 1-7-10 quarantine protocol in the affected barangay. 

Under this, authorities enforce quarantine checkpoints within a 1-kilometer radius of infected farms, strict surveillance and monitoring of hogs within a 7-km radius, and mandatory reporting on the disease from pig farms within a 10-km radius. 

According to District Veterinarian Dr. Ariel Balolong, measures to contain the virus were already in place.

Technicians are tasked to implement disease surveillance within the 7-kilometer radius from the site of infection and to conduct blood sampling.

Prior to the blood sampling last Thursday, around 20 pigs owned by one hog raiser allegedly died because of the virus. But this was not reported to authorities.

The local government of Binmaley advised all barangay chiefs to strictly implement the animal quarantine checkpoint to monitor movements of all hog raisers.

Following the culling operation, the DA is now investigating how the virus reached Binmaley.

The provincial government of Pangasinan also advised the public that the temporary ban on selling and transporting swine and meat products is still in place to avoid the possible spread of the ASF Virus.