The ANC Brief: Passport data theft


Posted at Jan 14 2019 04:01 AM

Still many questions unanswered in the passport data theft. And who will bail Hanjin out of its financial woes? Here are the stories ANC will be covering today:

The ANC Brief: Passport data theft 1

Passport to perdition
Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. said he suspects the theft of the passport data is part of a smear campaign against him. He also promised to identify the persons responsible. Vice President Leni Robredo and lawmakers are concerned. Will we see a rise in identity theft after the theft? The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said the banking sector is secure. Who is the contractor who made off with the data? What is their liability? What was the fault of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)? An information technology expert said this could impact the next elections. Former DFA Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. made an interesting point on the controversy in his Facebook post. He and cybercrime expert JJ Disini will be on ANC’s "Headstart" to talk about the issue.

Big time increase
A large increase in fuel prices takes effect, a product of the second round of the increase in excise taxes for fuel. Will this impact the prices of goods? ANC’s Business group will be monitoring the inflationary effects of the increase.

The ANC Brief: Passport data theft 2

White knight
There are reports the Chinese are interested in taking over. Former Navy chief Alex Pama said the Hanjin crisis and the possible entry of the Chinese is an issue of national security. ANC’s Business group will monitor government intervention and the impact of the Hanjin default on the market.

War on drugs
President Rodrigo Duterte has sacked the Bacolod City police chief and other police officers for their alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade. It's the President’s latest move in his pursuit of those involved in illegal drugs.

The ANC Brief: Passport data theft 3

Saving the bay
President Duterte has warned hotels along Manila Bay, some of the most luxurious inm the city, to make sure they have proper wastewater treatment so as not to pollute the bay. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is working to start the rehabilitation. ANC will monitor this story as it could impact the country’s tourism industry.