The ANC Brief: Taal Volcano unrest


Posted at Jan 13 2020 04:03 AM

Taal Volcano spewed ash Sunday raining ash on Metro Manila and nearby areas. Here are the stories making the headlines on ANC today:

The ANC Brief: Taal Volcano unrest 1

Ash explosion
Alert Level 4 has been raised on Taal Volcano after an ash explosion that produced an ash column and ashfall. The alert means a hazardous explosive eruption is possible in hours to days. Some thousands have been evacuated as of this writing. Flights were put on hold. Some cities in Metro Manila have declared cancellation of classes due to the ashfall, the kind never seen since the Pinatubo explosion in 1991. The Palace said it is closely monitoring the situation. ANC will continue to monitor the situation and air important updates.

Seeking a permanent ban
An autopsy report released by the NBI revealed Kuwait OFW Jeanelyn Villavente was sexually abused. Villavente is the latest OFW who was killed by employers in Kuwait. Labor Sec. Silvestre Bello said he wants a permanent ban on OFWs to Kuwait. The Philippine labor attache to Kuwait agreed.

The ANC Brief: Taal Volcano unrest 2

Quake-damaged condos
President Duterte railed against a developer of a quake-hit condominium in Davao City. The Consunji firm promised to resolve issues surrounding the damaged building. President Duterte also said he is unfazed by any withdrawal by investors due to new concession agreements being presented to Maynila and Manila Water.

Revising textbooks
Defeated vice-presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is getting criticisms for his statement that the version of Marcos rule in school textbooks should be revised. Rep. Erin Tanada, a descendant of Sen. Lorenzo Tanada who fought Marcos rule, will be guest on Early Edition to talk about Marcos’ statement.

The ANC Brief: Taal Volcano unrest 3

Green minded
Companies should start seeing sustainability for what it is—a solid business strategy. ANCX talks to Dimples La'O, president of Meaningful Ventures, whose Boracay shop was saved when they changed their focus.