The ANC Brief: Survey says...


Posted at Jan 10 2019 04:32 AM

Pulse Asia released a new senatorial survey. And according to a recent survey by the SWS, more Filipinos think the President has health problems. Here the stories making the headlines on ANC:

The ANC Brief: Survey says... 1

Mixed signals
The PSEi is inching towards the 8000 level. A bullish Budget and Management Sec. Ben Diokno said the GDP will hit the lower end of the 7-8 percent level. But the World Bank said the number is 6.5 percent. Diokno also said delays in the release of the budget might affect expenditures. A big time oil price hike is looming next week. This is probably the result of the implementation of the hike in excise taxes by fuel companies. This is likely to exert pressure on prices of goods. 

Rise in the rankings
Lots of familiar names in the new senatorial survey by Pulse Asia. Some names are rising in the rankings like Sonny Angara and Lito Lapid breaking into the first six. Pulse Asia’s Ronnie Holmes will be guest on ANC's Headstart. Former Comelec Commissioner Rona Caritos will give her assessment of the election period on ANC's Early Edition.

The ANC Brief: Survey says... 2

Just joking again
Presidential Spokesperson Sal Panelo said that as usual, the President was joking when he said COA personnel should be kidnapped and tortured. The President will attend events at 3 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. in Bulacan. Also, an SWS survey said more Filipinos believe the President has health problems.

Lapsed or signed
Documents from the Palace released Wednesday said the President signed the new AIDS bill on Dec. 20. But yesterday, Panelo said on Tuesday that the President supports the bill and the law is good thing whether it was signed or lapsed into law. So it looks like Panelo didn't know the President signed the law in December. Also, it is unclear when the law was transmitted to the Palace. The law was ratified by Congress in Oct. Assuming it was transmitted after it was ratified, it should have lapsed into law by November. So did the President sign a bill that already lapsed into law? 

The ANC Brief: Survey says... 3

Cleaning the bay
The DENR is gearing up for the cleanup of Manila Bay. The Tourism department said it supports the move.