'Enemies of free speech' behind cyber attack: NUJP


Posted at Jan 10 2017 09:20 AM

'Enemies of free speech' behind cyber attack: NUJP 1

MANILA - "Enemies of press freedom and of free expression." This was how the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines on Tuesday described the perpetrators of a cyber attack that shut down the NUJP official website.

In a statement, NUJP said its website was "targeted by a massive denial of service (DoS) attack" on Monday night.

A DoS attack makes a network resource unavailable by disrupting services of the host connected to the Internet.

The NUJP website remained inaccessible as of posting time due to the cyber breach.

While NUJP does not know who is responsible for the DoS, the media group said the perpetrators aim to suppress free speech by forcing others to adopt their own worldview.

"Whoever are responsible for this attack are enemies of press freedom and of free expression," NUJP said.

"They are vermin, narrow-minded, misbegotten souls who mistakenly believe that they can silence critical speech and thought in their desire to force people into accepting only one worldview theirs."

NUJP vowed that the perpetrators will never succeed in undermining press freedom.

"The independent Philippine press, the independent Filipino journalists, and the freedom-loving Filipino people will make sure of this, as we have done in the past and as we will do so again and again whenever basic rights and liberties are assaulted," vowed NUJP.

The media organization has locked horns with the administration in several occasions.

Weeks before Duterte took office last June, NUJP slammed the 71-year-old leader for supposedly justifying media killings when he said journalists in the Philippines are murdered because many are corrupt.

The group also criticized Duterte's communications team for reportedly suggesting that journalists should undergo briefing from Davao-based media to differentiate when President Rodrigo Duterte is joking or serious.

NUJP has also insisted on the duty of media organizations to keep tabs on the mounting body count in the administration's war on drugs.