TIPS: What to prepare before attending Traslacion 2020

Katrina Domingo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jan 08 2020 02:36 AM

MANILA—Black Nazarene devotees should be "mentally and physically" prepared before joining the Traslacion, the Philippine Red Cross said on Tuesday.

The PRC, which has been operating first aid stations along the Traslacion's route every year, said participants of the daylong procession should consider the following before joining millions of devotees on Thursday:

1. Know the route of the procession.

2. Inform family members that you are participating and let them know your whereabouts.

3. Advise family to secure your house before leaving and unplug all electrical appliances.

4. Be physically and mentally prepared.

5. Pregnant women and persons who are sick are advised to stay at home.

6. Avoid bringing babies or children to areas near the procession's route.

7. Bring an ID and other documents that contain your medical information and emergency contact numbers.

8. Bring medication.

9. Wear proper clothing and footwear. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and bringing expensive gadgets.

10. Avoid alcoholic beverages.

11. Do not bring sharp objects.

12. Bring gear to protect you against heat and rain.

13. Eat before going to the procession. Bring water, candies and snacks.

14. Know where you are all the time. If coming in a group, assign a designated meeting point in case someone gets lost.

15. Stay away from disorderly groups or individuals.

16. Maintain proper distance from the carriage and other devotees to avoid injuries.

17. Plan a safe exit path.

18. In the event of any untoward incident, do not panic and take cover to avoid any hazards (motor vehicles, falling debris).

19. Know the location and means of access toward medical stations, police stations, and other available emergency authorities within the area.

20. Know your local emergency numbers or contact Red Cross 143 hotline.