'Unli re-election' for legislators proposed by PDP-Laban VP


Posted at Jan 04 2018 07:15 PM

'Unli re-election' for legislators proposed by PDP-Laban VP 1

MANILA - A member of the administration's political party, PDP-Laban, is proposing a 5-year term of office for legislators without limit to the number of times they can seek reelection. 

Under the present Constitution, members of the House of Representatives are only allowed 3 consecutive 3-year terms, while senators are allowed 2 consecutive 6-year terms. 

Raul Lambino, PDP-Laban's vice president for international affairs, said party members are supporting the move because it would allow for the implementation of true reforms.

“Mas gusto nila 'yung ganun e. Because pag continue pa rin natin itong dysfunctional political system, hindi mangyayari yung tinatawag nating reforms,” he said.

Lambino said the proposed new constitution should be ratified before the 2019 elections. 

"But if there is no plebiscite to approve the new Constitution before May 2019, I doubt if we are still going to have enough time to discuss constitutional change between 2019 to 2022," he said.

The PDP-Laban official also proposed a 5-year term for the president under a federal government, with one reelection. He also wants the prime minister to have the same term of office as legislators.

Lambino is leading the party's consultation meetings about federalism in various parts of the country.

The lawyer also spearheaded the failed people’s initiative campaign dubbed as "Sigaw ng Bayan," which sought to amend the 1987 constitution during the Arroyo administration.

He is now the administrator and chief executive officer of the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority or CEZA. -- report from Sherrie Ann Torres, ABS-CBN News