SLIDESHOW: The Road to Samar

Tacloban City has been the center of attention after super typhoon Yolanda devastated the area. Local and foreign aid are pouring into the city after news about the disaster in Tacloban spread.

However, Yolanda did not only destroy Tacloban City and its nearby municipalities, it also devastated other parts of the region, particularly the province of Samar.

Despite its smaller number of casualties compared to Leyte's, the wrath of Yolanda can be seen everywhere in Samar. Houses have been destroyed in almost all villages. While destruction can be seen anywhere, agriculture suffered the brunt of the damage. Coconut trees toppled like tooth picks and mountains turned brown after losing their vegetation.

Children asking for food and water wander on the roads of Samar. While relief goods are slowly trickling into these areas, many are still asking why only Tacloban appears to be getting the aid and attention.

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