I can't forgive US Marine, says Jennifer's fiance


Posted at Oct 21 2014 01:08 AM | Updated as of Oct 22 2014 03:13 AM

Bite wounds also found on Laude's body

MANILA - Marc Sueselbeck, the German fiance of the slain Jennifer Laude, on Monday said he can't forgive a US Marine accused of killing the Filipino transgender woman.

Sueselbeck, in a news conference after he arrived in the Philippines to pay his last respects to Laude, said nothing can justify her murder.

Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton is the primary suspect in Laude's killing.

"I can say that there is more anger in my heart than probably most of the people here," Sueselbeck said. "I have to live with my anger because I cannot change it."

"I cannot forgive him, how can I? I suppose he will never get forgiveness in this life, and I doubt he will get in another case but we have to honor Jennifer's name. I hope he gets what he deserve now, and in the after life," he said.

"Again, I am not in the position to forgive him," Sueselbeck said. "The only person (who can) forgive him (are) God and Jennifer, but I cannot forgive."

"At the moment, for me, there is a moment of grief... no one here in this world can give her the justice she would deserve," Sueselbeck said. "She will face the justice one day to another responsibility and to us. I think what justice you ask for for case like this... for such an animalistic monstrous murder, there is no justice in that."

He said the Philippine government should be firm in ensuring its citizens' rights.

"You have to show also (to) your own people that you stand with them and not for the root of money or other interest," he said. "I hope that he will be punished by Philippine law...for me at the moment, I am not thinking of revenge, I am thinking of Jennifer's honor and her family because that matters for me."

Sueselbeck said he wants to ask Pemberton one question if he is given the chance. "I don't know yet if I want to meet him in person. I just want him to give me an honest answer why he did it--that's the only question I have."

"(I) just want him to tell me why he did this because (I've known) Jennifer (for) a long time and everyone who knows her can tell her attitude," he said. He doesn't have to explain why because there is no explanation but he has to stand (up for) what he did."


Sueselbeck revealed that bite wounds were also found on the body of Laude, who was killed through drowning.

An autopsy report earlier said Laude had several wounds on her head and neck. Two used condoms were also found in the motel room.

"As far as I know, we don't know where the condoms come from," Sueselbeck said. "We are talking... about bite wounds, which for me, more like rape and like anything else."

He and Jennifer were in the same motel room in the past.

"I can tell you one thing. I have been with her in that room, two times checking in same way they did," he said. "We did it not just to have fun. We checked in because they have (many) TV channels and we could watch German soccer in exactly that room."

Laude's body will be cremated on October 24, according to her family. Sueselbeck said he will be staying in the Philippines until October 26.

The US embassy said it will be up to Pemberton and his lawyer to decide whether he will personally appear for the preliminary investigation of the case on Tuesday.

In a statement, the embassy said it will continue to "fully cooperate and collaborate with Philippine authorities in all aspects of the case concerning the death of Jennifer Laude."

Pemberton is believed to be holed up at the USS Peleliu, docked in Subic Bay.

The US embassy also said four other American Marines have met with city prosecutors and "swore them to their statements in accordance with Philippine law."

Those four Marines will not appear in the preliminary probe on Tuesday, but in accordance with the Visiting Forces Agreement, they will be made available for the trail.

Olongapo City Prosecutor's Office chief Emilie Delos Santos told ANC on Monday night that Pemberton has not yet filed his counter-affidavit on the murder charge filed against him by the victim's family.

"(The) preliminary investigation is to give respondent Pemberton the chance to submit (his) counter-affidavit. He has no sworn statement yet submitted," Delos Santos said. "Nobody has yet formally entered any appearance for respondent Pemberton."

"Tomorrow, we expect the respondent to appear before us. It would be best if he will be assisted by a counsel of his own choice," she said.

The Laude case has sparked outrage among activists and members of the LGBT community, who are now calling for the junking of both the Visiting Forces Agreement and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) between the Philippines and the United States. -- with reports from ANC