SLIDESHOW: Bohol in pieces

Photos by Rem Zamora for

Posted at Oct 17 2013 01:02 AM | Updated as of Oct 25 2013 01:40 AM


Residents of the neighboring towns of Cortes, Loboc, Loon and Tubigon on Bohol island woke up with devastation surrounding them after a 7.2-magnitude quake struck Tuesday morning. Now, they need to rise from the rubble and rebuild their communities.

The town of Cortes is now inaccessible by land transportation from the town of Loboc after the temblor destroyed the bridge that connected them. But this has not stopped villagers from reaching out to each other.They have found ways to overcome the physical limitations that nature has created.

Many of the important structures of these towns are now in pieces. What used to be the pride of each town--their centuries-old churches--were brought down in seconds by the powerful quake.

With their traditions and culture revolving around the parish, rebuilding the churches is important to keeping the town's spirit and character.

In Tubigon, residents are showing that although there is destruction all around, the spirit of community is alive as they begin the task of reconstruction.