#Dutertezoned: I never said I was running, says Duterte


Posted at Oct 16 2015 02:14 AM


JUST IN: Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has filed his certificate of candidacy for another term as mayor. #Halalan2016

Posted by ABS-CBNnews.com on Thursday, 15 October 2015

Some supporters remain hopeful but some just can't contain their heartbreak.

This, after Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, through a representative, filed his certificate of candidacy for a mayoral post, disappointing followers who were wishing he'd run for president.

Just hours after the COC filing, #Dutertezoned trended on social networking site Twitter. Reactions vary from extreme disappointment to staying hopeful that Duterte will change his mind. Others lamented Duterte's supposed dilly dallying.

But as far as Duterte is concerned, his supporters just got it all wrong.

"I never said that I am running or I was running. Past, present future, future perfect. I never told anybody in any gathering, venue and said I am interested even," a stern-looking Duterte told reporters in Davao City Thursday.

Duterte said although he was interested, he didn't agree to be a candidate.

"Just being interested in the office, not actually running. Wala man talaga akong..bakit sila madisappoint? In the first place I never agreed to be a candidate for president so maybe nakita nila na somebody started na okay na ito magiging presidente, sige, so there must be build up," he added.

#Dutertezoned: I never said I was running, says Duterte 1
Duterte's certificate of candidacy. Photo courtesy of Hernel Tocmo, ABS-CBN News Southern Mindanao

Duterte said he had been asking supporters to stop campaigning "because I am not interested."

Although Duterte has repeatedly said he won't run for president, past actions show otherwise. After all, he had an ad on national TV months ago. His daughter, Inday Sara Duterte, recently shaved her head and hinted of #Duterte2016. There were even reports of Duterte flying to Manila to file his COC.

But Duterte is firm.

"I have no interest in it. Ang latest ko, the country does not need me and I have no need for the presidency," he added.

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