WATCH: Taxis ram like bump cars in Davao road rage


Posted at Aug 22 2014 07:15 PM | Updated as of Aug 23 2014 08:16 AM

DAVAO CITY - For want of a passenger, 2 taxi drivers fought it out by repeatedly crashing their vehicles into each other in Davao City Thursday.

Videos of the "taxi wars" were uploaded on the social networking site Facebook and quickly became viral.

In the first video shared by Mar Israel, a white taxi is seen moving forward before bumping into a yellow Maligaya taxi at Ecowest Drive, Ecoland, Davao City past 5:30 p.m. Thursday.

The drivers of the two taxis are heard shouting invectives before the white taxi again crashes into the yellow taxi.

At one point, the yellow taxi is seen moving away from the area but is again bumped by the white taxi, causing the latter to lose its front bumper.

In the whole 39-second video, the yellow taxi is bumped at least 5 times.


Another 30-second video uploaded by Ronald Zamora Varquez showed the yellow taxi crashing into the rear bumper of the white taxi, causing it to lose more of its front bumper.

The white taxi then crashes into the yellow taxi one more time.


Davao police later apprehended the driver of the Maligaya taxi, identified as Marcelino Deme.

The other driver, Reymond Piodena, said Deme became incensed when a passenger decided to choose his taxi over Deme's.

It was then that Deme crashed his vehicle into Piodena's taxi and even poked him hard with a tire wrench.

Piodena said he crashed his taxi into Deme's cab after the latter tried to escape.

Deme admitted hitting Piodena with a tire wrench but denied that he crashed his vehicle into Piodena's cab. He said it was the latter who first crashed into his taxi.

Deme is now facing charges of frustrated homicide and malicious mischief. With a report by Rodirey Salas, ABS-CBN News Davao