School closure in CamSur due to seasonal flu, not A (H1N1)


Posted at Jul 17 2009 09:21 AM | Updated as of Jul 17 2009 05:21 PM

Local officials in Goa, Camarines Sur on Thursday allayed the public's fears about the influenza A(H1N1) virus, after a local school suspended classes due to the spread of seasonal flu among its students.

Classes at the Philippine Science High School-Bicol (PSHS-BRC) have been suspended since Monday after 96 students were infected with seasonal flu.

School officials had all sick students undergo consultations with the school physician.

School officials said A(H1N1) infections among its students is far-fetched since almost all students are staying at the campus domitories; but as a precaution, all sick students underwent swab tests.

The results of the swab tests will be out next week, in time for the resumption of classes.

The campus was disinifected Thursday, and items that were lying around in the school dormitories were placed in sacks for burning.

Meanwhile, the local government of Goa assured that there is no cause for alarm, since the spreading illness is not A(H1N1).

After the suspension of classes at the PSHS-BRC, Mayor Antero Lim and municipal health officers visited other schools in town to check on students, and meet with school officials.

Lim assured the local government is ready to distribute medicines and sanitizers if the illness spreads further. With a report from Gerard Lorbes, ABS-CBN Bicol