Cebu priest apologizes to unwed teen mom


Posted at Jul 08 2014 01:18 PM

MANILA - Catholic priest Romeo Obach has apologized to the 17-year-old single mother he berated during a christening ceremony last Sunday morning.  

The letter reads, "I am now making a heartfelt apology to the mother of the child and her immediate family. I deeply regret that I have done this. I only realized how cruel my ways to educate and impart lessons for the event. I am deeply sorry and I humbly ask for your forgiveness."

Fr. Alfonso Suico, Media Liaison of the Redemptorist Church, said Obach is barred from celebrating Mass and other religious activities pending an internal investigation.

The teen mother, however, said it is difficult for her to forgive at this time.

She said she was deeply hurt by the incident considering that there were many witnesses when the priest lambasted her.

Jieve Daitol Frias, the baby's grandmother, uploaded the video on Facebook, showing Obach of the Sacred Heart Chaplaincy in Eversely Child Sanitarium in Cebu lecturing the mother during the baby's baptism.

Speaking in Cebuano, the priest asked the young mother whether she was ashamed that she had a baby with a man who was not her husband.

The priest then went on to say that while the baby had not sinned, her mother did, after she slept with a man who was not her husband.

Obach also warned the mother that the consequences of her actions may be passed on to her child, as her child was born due to "sin."

In the comments section of the Facebook post, many viewers said the priest did not have the right to insult the young woman.

The grandma, Frias, in a separate post, thanked all those who shared her video. She expressed disappointment over the ceremony because they did not expect to be humiliated during the baptism.

She also said Obach should have given her daughter advice instead of humiliating her. -- report from ABS-CBN Cebu Regional News Group (RNG)