Hailstorm, tornado hit Batangas towns

By Sarita Kare, ABS-CBN Southern Tagalog

Posted at Jun 24 2009 12:39 AM | Updated as of Jun 24 2009 08:39 AM

A hailstorm was reported to have hit parts of Batangas province Tuesday afternoon as Tropical Storm “Feria” (international codename Nangka) lashed Visayas and pushed northwards toward Luzon.

Areas in the towns of San Pascual, Bauan and Batangas City said ice cube-like objects fell in the middle of a heavy downpour and strong winds

There was no storm warning signal raised yet in the province during the period but the uprooted trees and rooftops seemed to show that one just passed by. Fallen trees were seen on the roads, one of them reportedly even hit a teenage boy in the head along with other bystanders.

Residents in Barangay 4 in Bauan town related that the visibility was near-zero and they said they believed that it was a tornado that hit them.

Lito Singson who has been living there for 24 years says that it is only now that this happened. He thought stones were falling on their roofs and windows but instead he saw small ice fragments. Many residents were amazed on what they said was first-time experience.

But most residents who did not expect the sudden change in weather are placed in discomfort as some barangays experienced knee- to waist-deep floods after creeks overflowed.

Residents in Barangay San Antonio said they have never had this situation even during typhoons. A child was reported to have been injured in the barangay.

Traffic meanwhile became heavy and some were stranded on their way home, while some areas still have no electricity. Residents are still thankful however that the incident did not happen during night time as lives might have been lost, they said.