3 US lab experts take witness stand in Pemberton trial

By Bebot Sison Jr., The Philippine Star

Posted at Jun 22 2015 08:17 AM | Updated as of Jun 22 2015 04:17 PM

OLONGAPO CITY – A forensic expert, a latent print examiner, a toxicologist and another agent of the US Naval Command Investigative Service (NCIS) will take the witness stand today as court proceedings on the murder case against Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton continue.

A source confirmed to The STAR the scheduled appearance of Dr. George Jackson, toxicologist of the US Armed Forces Medical Examiner System (AFMES); Jessica LeCroy, latent print examiner of the US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory; Derek Dorrien, also of USACIL; and Philip Boyd, NCIS agent.

The source, however, refused to disclose further details.

An NCIS agent took the witness stand during the court hearing on June 8.

Jeremy Dastrup, based in Singapore, told the court and confirmed the testimonies made by American medical and forensic experts that Pemberton bore scratches, injuries and lacerations.

Dastrup said he witnessed the physical examination conducted by senior medical officers on the USS Peleliu, took pictures of the proceedings and helped gather information related to the incident.

Findings indicated that Pemberton bore minimal defensive wounds.

Dastrup said he also conducted interviews with Pemberton’s buddies, Lance Corporals Jairn Michael Rose, Bennett Eric Dahl, Christopher Miller and Daniel Fabian Pulido.

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